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Mark-a-Spot supports cities and municipalities in the efficient management of infrastructure problems. Citizens can easily report problems and defects in the public space. The administration receives organization-specific tools for the follow-up and processing of these concerns.

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Proven for Over 10 Years


For over 10 years, we at Mark-a-Spot have been the reliable partner for the digitalization of public infrastructure for communities of all sizes, from the smallest village to the large city. Commitment and continuous development ensure that our established issue reporting solution stays in tune with new challenges and opportunities.

Selection of Our Project Partners

  • City of Munich
  • City of Cologne
  • Federal City of Bonn
  • City of Gronau
  • Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • City of Brühl
  • Federal City of Bonn
  • City of Krefeld (KBK)
  • The World Bank

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What we're engaged with: Press releases, Curated Knowledge, Administrative Insights, and Technological Background

Reports and Concerns from Cologne, Bonn, and Other Cities

Live Reports from Mark-a-Spot

A small selection from hundreds of thousands of concerns that are reliably processed by our customers.


Transparent by Request

Mark-a-Spot redefines the processing of citizen concerns: An intuitive, customizable, and technologically advanced platform that streamlines and effectively facilitates interaction between citizens and administration, capable of integrating with your specialized procedures.

Location Capture and GIS Integration

Capture concerns exactly where they arise - with our simple location determination via Google Maps, Open Street Map, or your own GIS solution.

Customizability and Configuration

Tailor our platform exactly to your needs - from language selection to specific processes.


Multilingual User Interface

Communicate globally: Our multilingual user interface breaks language barriers and directly engages your users.

Automated Processes

Enhance your efficiency with automated workflows, reminders, archiving, and the commissioning of service companies.

Efficient Administrative Interface

Keep track with our user-friendly administrative interface that combines efficiency and control.

Open Source

Benefit from the flexibility and security of Drupal 10, supported by a huge developer community. License-free.

Seamless System Integration

Effortlessly connect Mark-a-Spot with existing systems such as SAP, EuroWig, or the CityKey App.

Data Management

Use the freedom of simple, data protection-compliant data export and import for a flexible and hassle-free flow of information.

SaaS or On-Premise

Kubernetes or Managed Server. We support you with hosting or installing our software in your data center or cloud provider.


Get a glimpse into the administrative interface of Mark-a-Spot.