Open311 GeoReport v2 - Enhanced Efficiency for Citizen Services

Holger Kreis

January 3, 2024

Open311 GeoReport v2 is an open format that enables citizens to directly report issues to their administration. This saves time and resources, improves communication, and facilitates data analysis.

What is Open311 GeoReport?

Open311 Logo Open311 GeoReport v2 offers a series of benefits for administrations:

Efficiency Improvement

Citizen reports are automated and structured upon receipt. This saves time and resources that can be allocated to other tasks.

Improved Citizen Communication

Citizens can easily and conveniently report their issues. This enhances satisfaction and trust in your administration.

Data Quality

Open311 GeoReport v2 uses a standardized format for citizen reports. This facilitates data evaluation and improves urban infrastructure.

How does Open311 GeoReport v2 work?

Citizens can easily and conveniently report issues, for example, through Mark-a-Spot or a separate app. The data is collected in a structured manner and, if necessary, forwarded to specialized procedures. Here is an example of a service request:

  "service_request_id": "428-2023",
  "title": "#428-2023 Defective Light",
  "description": "The only street light on the street has been out for weeks. It's dangerous for pedestrians as the curb edges are not visible in the dark.",
  "lat": 50.878715889631,
  "long": 6.9638340186612,
  "address_string": "50997 Cologne - Rondorf, Im Schwalbental 4",
  "service_name": "Defective Light",
  "requested_datetime": "2023-12-16T01:21:57+01:00",
  "updated_datetime": "2023-12-18T07:25:52+01:00",
  "status": "closed",
  "media_url": "",
  "status_note": "<p>Good day,</p><p>Thank you for your report.</p><p>We have forwarded your notice for disruption repair to RheinEnergie AG. Completion will be carried out as quickly as possible.</p><p>Please understand that due to the current high number of reports, delays may occur, and it may take several days for repairs to be made.</p><p>Kind regards,<br>Your 'Public Lighting' Coordination Office of the City of Cologne</p>",
  "service_code": "2.6.1"

## What advantages does Open311 GeoReport v2 offer for administrations?
Administrations can process reports in an automated and structured manner. This saves time and resources that can be used for other tasks.

## Examples of other cities or municipalities successfully using Open311 GeoReport v2
The implementation of Open311 GeoReport v2 offers an advanced and efficient solution for managing citizen concerns for administrations. Cities like Duisburg, which have been using Mark-a-Spot with Open311 GeoReport v2, have observed a significant difference in administrative efficiency and citizen satisfaction. The integration with existing systems such as the SAP CRM of the Duisburg Economic Operations demonstrates the flexibility and adaptability of this technology.

The transparent, automated processing and presentation of citizen reports not only foster trust in urban services but also contribute to the continuous improvement of urban infrastructure.