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What's inside?

Tweet 311

Mark-a-Spot easily connects to social media. Import Tweets as issue reports according to predefined hashtags.


Service categories, visualization from colors to icons can be changed in real time from back office's administrative front end.

Open SaaS

There's no vendor lock-in, no long-term hosting contracts. You are in control of the source code and data anytime, even if we host it for you.

Your choice of Maps

Integrate Mapbox, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, ArcGIS and GeoServer maps in just seconds.

Open 311

Mark-a-Spot ships with an Open311 Georeport v2 server. Open311 refers to a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue-tracking and citizen reporting.


Integrate any form of organization and connect to back office software. Make workflow status transparent for your citizens.