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Public Civic Issue Tracking


  • Mark-a-Spot is a full responsive mobile and desktop tool for public civic issue reporting and location based crowd-sourcing. It enables cities to make citizen care.

    It is based on Drupal and free to download and use. It's all open source.

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  • You are allowed to and please do say that your product is based on Mark-a-Spot, inspired by Mark-a-Spot, but you can't call your product or service Mark-a-Spot.

    Active development takes place at, the download-link will lead to an installable zip-file at


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  • Tweet 311

    Mark-a-Spot easily connects to social media. Import Tweets as issue reports according to predefined hashtags.

  • Open311

    Mark-a-Spot is shipped with an Open311 Georeport V2 Server. Open311 refers to a standardized protocol for location-based collaborative issue-tracking.

  • Open SaaS

    No vendor lock-in, no long-term hosting contracts. You control the source code and data anytime, even if we host it for you.

  • Multi Map / Geocoding

    Visualize Reports with configurable tile server operators. OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and custom Geocoding possible.

  • Mobile Optimzed

    With it's responsive design, Mark-a-Spot will look great no matter the size of screen it’s shown on. Users can produce content from everywhere.

  • Extend and Scale

    With Drupal's extensible architecture you are ready to integrate more than 25.000 modules.


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