Get started more easily with LESS coding.

I just published Mark-a-Spot 2.8. This release brings some improvements for all users who don't want to engage themselves in Drupal theming.

All blocks are now editable and exchangeable via User Interface (the "Drupal Way"). The default theme's CSS file is now all separated into different LESS files and even if you don't want to code your own CSS, you will be able to customize the color of your site by using the Colorizer module.

Another commit was based on a feature request at and now makes your Mark-a-Spot site more usable for different municipalities. The Open311 jurisdiction parameter can be used for validating and assigning reports to different cities, municipalities or urban districts. All reports will be filterable via their jurisdiction_id. Precondition is that all jurisdictions use the same service catalogue.

Please checkout the Github repository for a full build and Changelog.

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