You have our permission to say - and please do say that your product is based on Mark-a-Spot, inspired by Mark-a-Spot, or produced with the help of Mark-a-Spot, but you may not call your product or service Mark-a-Spot.

The code for Mark-a-Spot is maintained in two separate repositories: Github and Drupal's own repository.

A full installation and some initial documentation are available on Github. You can easily clone from there as usual by typing

git clone


Active development takes place on If you are comfortable with Drush, you can clone the project from there and complete your installation with drush make:

git clone
cd markaspot
drush make --prepare-install build-markaspot.make markaspot


If you need any support in customizing Mark-a-Spot, information on hosting options, or would like a test installation to evaluate, please feel free to contact us.

A list of our clients, including municipal governments and daily newspapers:

  • City of Nuremberg
  • City of Bonn
  • City of Siegburg
  • City of Essen
  • City of Gießen
  • City of Heidelberg
  • City of Cologne
  • City of Annaberg-Buchholz
  • Osnabrück County
  • Lüneburg County
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung