Version 2.7 released

We are pleased to announce the release of 2.7 at our github repository. Many new features are now available for use:  

  • We added a new field type and connected it to Icon API module. To visualize categories and status taxonomies, you can now choose from over 700 icons or add your own fontello or icomoon web fonts. The Mark-a-Spot icon and Font Awesome library are preinstalled. Marker colors can be easily chosen by picker.
  • Issue-IDs are now configurable with php-date function based issue patterns (e.g. "Litter basket complaint #20150201-1234").
  • All views are now based on the Search API, which provides more flexibility when choosing your search backend (Solr, Database, Elastic Search).
  • The new Open311 Client module makes reporting on the map much easier. It is now possible to do so on every page showing a map without page leave (Development sponsored by
  • Do want to notify users of content changes? The Rules module and some basic notification workflows now can be enabled anytime.

Currently we have a demo environment running at pantheon. If you want to try out all features as site admin, I recommend a setup at

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